Photos from the Hertha Seinemeyer collection

These photos are from a collection, now in my possession, which was assembled by Seinemeyer's sister-in-law, Hertha (Hamann) Seinemeyer.

Seinemeyer in Offenbach's Die schöne Helena in Berlin. This was her very first role.

Seinemeyer as Giulietta in Offenbach's Tales of Hoffmann in Berlin. She also sang the role of Antonia; I don't know if she ever sang both roles in the same performance.

Seinemeyer as Tosca, from Oct. 1926.

Another photo of Seinemeyer as Tosca. The "Frl. Hamann" for whom she signed the photo was her future sister-in-law, Hertha Hamann.

Seinemeyer as Leonora in Verdi's Forza del Destino, her favorite role. This photo was taken in 1929.

Seinemeyer as Lisa in Tchaikovsky's The Queen of Spades, her last new role.

A beautiful signed photo, taken in Oct. 1926.

Seinemeyer in a fur wrap.

Seinemeyer with her dog Druka.

Seinemeyer on vacation at Westerland, Sylt.

Another photo of Seinemeyer on vacation at Westerland, Sylt.

Seinemeyer in a bathing suit. This photo was taken at Sylt in the summer of 1928.

Seinemeyer in black, by the "Italienisches Dörfchen" restaurant in Dresden.

Seinemeyer and Frieder Weissmann at Bad Kissingen, June 1929. This was the last photo of them together.

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