Photos of Meta Seinemeyer

Here are some photos of Seinemeyer. I'd like to thank Andrea Suhm-Binder of cantabile-subito for permission to use the ones from her site. Also, take a look at some photos from my own collection (originally assembled by Seinemeyer's sister-in-law, Hertha Seinemeyer). No violation of copyright is intended.

From a postcard taken in 1928.

Seinemeyer with flowers (after a performance?)

Another beautiful photo.

Seinemeyer as Leonora in Forza del Destino, her favorite role.

As Agathe in Der Freischütz.

As the Countess in Le Nozze di Figaro.

In Tannhäuser, as Elisabeth (left) and Venus (right).

Seinemeyer as Marguerite in Faust, another of her favorite roles. She signed this photo in London, in 1929. Note the inscription: "For remember..." But the photo was actually taken much earlier; a copy of it was published in the Baltimore American on Jan. 21, 1923.

Another photo with the "For remember" inscription. Thank you to Philip Harper for this photo!

More to come...

Photos from the Hertha Seinemeyer collection

Photos of the young Seinemeyer, from Ulrich Dahmen's collection

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