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Contemporaries and colleagues:

Most of the singers listed here sang with Seinemeyer, except for some of the sopranos (Bettendorf, Lehmann, Rethberg, and Roselle), who had similar repertoires. Roselle was also one of Seinemeyer's colleagues at the Dresden Opera. See the chronology for specific performances in which these singers sang with Seinemeyer.


Mezzos and contraltos:





All of these conductors worked with Seinemeyer. See the chronology for specific performances.


The following singers and musicians were/are admirers of Seinemeyer's voice:

Opera houses where Seinemeyer sang:

Opera sites:

Lieder and art songs:

Seinemeyer made several beautiful recordings of Lieder; unfortunately, the CD booklets do not give the texts. But I have found a wonderful site that gives texts of art songs:

Lieder texts

Here are the texts of the songs that Seinemeyer recorded:

The site does not give the text of Rubinstein's "Nacht".

Here are the texts to more Lieder that Seinemeyer recorded, although the recordings are unpublished:

Places where Seinemeyer lived:



Bad Kissingen This is the place where Seinemeyer went to get a cure, shortly before her death. (Site is in German.)

More to come, including more sites about Berlin.

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